Jodi anoorabh who are they ? marraige in 2020 top social media couple creator in india on instagram and youtube

Jodi Anoorabh

Discover the distinctive world of Jodi Anoorabh, born from the creative synergy of Anoosha and Saurabh since January 2020. These pioneering creators, catalysts for a global dance movement originating in India, have earned widespread acclaim within their online community. Delve into their uplifting life vlogs and enchanting dance routines, experiencing the journey that has captivated audiences worldwide.

By openly sharing the intricacies of their creative process, they've ignited a digital movement, inspiring others to candidly embrace the joy, challenges, and genuine moments woven into their video creations. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that cherishing the journey of any endeavour leads to a more fulfilled existence, promoting a mindful appreciation for the present moment. Join Jodi Anoorabh on this transformative journey!

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  • Jodi anoorabh Saurabh chanderiya top social media creator and influencers in india

    Saurabh Chanderiya | Founder

    Saurabh, a Software engineer from IIT Bombay. Formerly, he held the position of VP at Goldman Sachs, dedicating 11 years to his career in IT. However, he ultimately made the crucial choice to allocate his full time and energy in building Jodi Anoorabh.

  • Jodi anoorabh Anoosha shetty chandukibiwi top social media creator and influencers in india

    Anoosha Shetty | Founder

    Anoosha, a Software engineer from BMSCE Bangalore, commenced her IT career as a Big Data Engineer at Expedia. She devoted a substantial 8 years to this profession before summoning the courage to transition into the realm of Jodi Anoorabh.

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This 11-minute video on YouTube provides intricate insights into the story of how they first crossed paths, coupled with candid conversations about the dynamics of their relationship

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